This page is memory of 'Bill Clinton', our wonderful and

loving Shar-Pei who died in April of 1999.  We miss you terribly!

My name is Bill Clinton and this is the page my people made for me!

Sadly, we had to have Bill put to sleep on Saturday, April 3, 1999 at 1:00 pm.

Over the last six and a half years, Bill gave us so much happiness and love there will be a hole in our hearts for years to come. The picture above was taken at a local park Bill loved to go for walks in just hours before his life came to an end. Special thanks go to Dr. Henry and Dr. Sayles at VetSelect in Southfield for helping us keep our 'best dog' Bill happy, healthy, and active for the year he battled the melanoma that eventually took his life. Click Here for his illness history and graphic pictures of cancer lesions and surgery scars.

Some things about Me!

I'm an excellent watchdog!

I've never chewed anything that wasn't my toy (or a treat!)

I'm crate trained!

I don't lick people's faces.

Barkingis my favorite activity!

Puppy Picture Montage

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